Refund of Subscription fee

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We at come across the question from our prospective clients that if they don’t find an accommodation or don’t like accommodation arranged by then whether they are entitled to get the refund of Rs. 2000/-?
There are there are lots of things due to deal doesn’t happen and most of these beyond the control of except one that doesn’t offer the good number of options as per benchmark set by it.
If we are not able to offer the good number of options as per benchmarks set by us then you will get the Refund Rs. 2000/- without deducting any single pie. But we won’t be able to provide you a refund because of none of our failure. These are few examples where we were not at fault but opposite party.
1)      Someone relative of IAS officer approached us for Paying Guest Accommodation near Mumbai High Court because he was supposed to intern at High Court. He viewed five options through us and told us that he liked two of them and he would finalize next day. The next day when we got in touch with him when he said that magistrate of High Court offered IAS’s officer’s son his own house to stay. Now if we had not taken our fee beforehand then he wouldn’t be had paid us even though we worked for it and not only met benchmarks set by us but even his expectations.
2)      One guy from *NLU approached us for accommodation for him and one of his friends for an internship. At fixed day and time we arranged viewing accommodations. They visited one accommodation and before they head next he said that they don’t want to visit next place. It was bit surprising for us and while little grilling him we came to know that his friend was the son of directorate general of police of one state and he was trying guest house and they got the news that guest house is fixed.
In both these cases we were not at fault and if we had not charged them beforehand we would haven’t got our due except thank you and promise of business in future. Everybody tries through all to sources whether legal or illegal. The students and their parents spend days, weeks or months cumulatively in finding of an accommodation most of the time they don’t get either as per their budget or as per liking or near to their workplace if not all three. RealEstateDealStreet is the only site which provides a tailor-made solution which fits you. Our relationship executive will be in touch with you, so you don’t have to handle lots of people. We do all the spade work and our experience saves your feet from wear and tear and most important time. It is bit surprising and amusing that some of the law interns question about our success. We provide references from the students of their colleagues who got benefited from our services. If we ask them that tell our law firms to at least hear our cases forget about fighting or winning without charging us beforehand. Firms would say that don't show our face  Why you are expecting us not to charge you in advance especially when our success rate is so high.    
Students and more their parents often ask for trust. “We are honest and you should trust us” is what these types of messages state. Actually, the only thing this means is that “We don’t trust even if it has lots of wins in its feather but should trust us.” So this is actually adding insult to injury. We are a publicly visible site with the standard systems. There is no reason not to trust us. On the other hand, we don’t have the ability or energy to track the clients once we provide them contacts of owners. We have thought the level of risk we are prepared to take and have incorporated that into our standard system of dealing.
Prospective clients often act tough. “This is how we work with agents/brokers” is the style of some of the clients. is not agents or brokers. We don’t see ourselves as agents or brokers, we don’t act as agents or brokers act. is only neutral marketplace like stock exchanges. So frankly we don’t care how great you are. On the other hand, if you want to view lots of accommodations in short span of time without dealing with lots of people is the only choice.
So basically our point is instead of trying to get us to change and take a decision, it is far better for you to evaluate take your decisions accordingly. Basically, you are paying not only for the huge database of accommodations but with testimonials from previous guests, coordination between you and owner, tailor-made solution and for removing your anxiety. And the amount involved is so trivial anyway. We work on the presumption that buyers are mature and take their own decisions about what works best for them. We don’t presume to be smarter than them and hence we don’t chase them to change their minds.
We give our full support to all our clients of our site and we look forward to your being one of our esteemed customers.
Do feel free to email, call or WhatsApp. +91 80827 30859 (First verified Business Account by WhatsApp. Inc. US.).

Rooms / Paying Guest Accommodation and Flat Shares on rent in South Mumbai for Law Interns

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We get lots of inquiries from law students of law colleges from all over and Harvard Law College from America. Finding a reasonably priced suitable accommodation in Mumbai itself is difficult but being most of the law firms and the high court (Fort / Fountain) being in extreme South Mumbai it makes it much harder. is the only real estate website which is located at Nariman Point has unique advantages/ moat. We being at the epic center of the problem has developed a very good database of accommodations in locations like Cuffe Parade / Colaba / Nariman Point / Churchgate / Marine Drive/Chowpatty/ Walkeshwar/ Malabar Hill/ Peddar Road/ Breach Candy/Worli /Prabhadevi etc.

 There are few points which students/ interns should understand so that their accommodation hunting becomes smooth affair.

1) Rent: - It is the most important factor especially when you are not getting any stipend or very little. We are the only identity which is not inclined to put you at higher rental accommodation because of our flat fee model. All other people whether your seniors who are living in Mumbai, brokers or owners whom you got in touch through others sources all of them will charge you higher rent because higher the rent higher their income and they know your peculiar situation. In legal term, you can say there is “Conflict of Interest”. Higher rent doesn’t incentivize us, whether rent is 10K or 25K we believe that efforts are same so the fee should be same. We have a huge database of elderly people who rent out their rooms’ through us. These elderly landladies put their extra space at a reasonable rent and don’t work as business setup, even though money is dear to everybody. Broadly there are three type of accommodations a) Independent Room (means you get an independent room with private washroom to yourself) b) Twin Sharing (means you have to share a room with one other person) c) Multiple Sharing (means you have to share a room with more than one) These are approximate rents for all these options in South Mumbai Independent Room 25K, Twin Sharing Room 15K, and multiple sharing10K These rents include Electricity, water, room cleaning generally that is not in case of you share the flat with your seniors. They charge for electricity, maid even for newspaper, TV Cable, WIFI too even though they don’t spend extra money due to additional users. By the way, they ask very high deposit which becomes a big issue while you are leaving the accommodation. These quoted rents can go UP and DOWN too because all accommodations are different and depend on locations, size of the room, facilities, amenities, furnishing. (All rooms will have basic furnishings like fridge, bed, wardrobe, writing table, chair, and fan etc.)

We have lots of Accommodations which provides Breakfast, Dinner, AC/ TV and WIFI facilities too. 

2) Commuting: - We will arrange an accommodation where you don’t have to take a local train. You will have there options use taxi or bus and there are interns who walk to their workplaces. Average commuting of our clients is 2.25KM.

3) Curfew: - In almost all of our accommodations there is no time restriction. You get main entrance key so you can come and go as you please.

4) Reference: - is the only website which provides you the reference of people from your institute, firm or city you belong to, who benefited from our services so you can be sure that you are dealing with an expert.

5) Refund: - Some time interns ask that if they don’t get accommodation through then whether we will refund the subscription fee. YES, We refund the entire amount of Rs. 2000/-(without deducting any fee like processing fee, money transfer fee etc.) but that is the sole discretion of We will refund only in case of we couldn’t meet our benchmarks. To have refund window open you have to very open in your communication.

6) Tailor-made Solution: - There is one saying " One size doesn't fit all". However good you friend describe an accommodation but that might not be good for you due to different work locations, different living standards, different hygiene standards, and budget etc. provides you tailor-made solutions taking in everything in consideration like budget, proximity to workplace, living standard etc. Average experience of people working at is 15 years.

7) Time: - We have experience that students and more importantly their parents too put lots of time and efforts in house hunting. They start around two to three months before and even then in dying hour they approach because the place which they found so much of efforts and time didn’t work out due to location, filthy washroom, another person has moved in before them etc. If you go through then you are like having a specialist your side who won lots of complex cases that too such meager fee. Time is more important then money because we can’t produce more of that, if you go through then you not only save money, feet from wear & tear most important time.

8) Verification: - We provide verification of accommodation free, means you know one accommodation and you want credit-ability check that we provide through our testimonial system free of cost.

9) Incentives: - If you know any accommodations refer to us and get good incentives if that accommodation is not in our database but these incentives are only for Paying Guest Accommodations.

10) How we work: - Once you provide us your requirement and become an active member then we line up places which meet your requirement or near to your requirement. We will provide you a list of options then you can come to Mumbai or send any of your local friend or relative who will view the places on your behalf. If these both things are not possible when you come one day before and view the places and finalize which is the best deal for you. The entire process takes average two to three hours. You move to same start your internship next day. If you become an active member in advance then it is a very smooth process but if you do at the eleventh hour then it is bit haphazard. You don’t have to deal multiple people, owners, brokers etc. only one person will take care of the whole process.

Room,Flat, Flat-Shares options for summer trainees from IIM's in Mumbai

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·         Summer trainees / interns coming to Mumbai generally face problems on quality of accommodations. Hostels are either full and/ or full of bed bugs, rooms are dingy, toilets and bathrooms are filthy for that you have to stand in queue and dormitory where people live in double digit if not in triple.
·          All these things make big impact on your professional life, productivity at work especially in these challenging times.   
·         If it is quality of residential accommodation options you are looking out and time is valuable to you then, is indeed an appropriate choice.
·         Our accommodation option considers
o   Rent :- in accordance with the budget
o   Location :- Close to ones work place
o   Safety (especially in case of females)
o   Facilities (which includes ACs, TVs, Fridges, breakfast, Dinner, Wi Fi Internet etc and of course independent living.
·         There are considerable numbers of your Alumni who have sourced short term rental accommodation through us while interning or working in Mumbai. In fact, we have list of people from all the industry, business schools, cities who have found our services much to their satisfaction. On request, we can provide you with the same.
·         We do all the spade work like finding suitable accommodation / place close to work place, negotiation or iron outing of differences between landlord or current flat-mate except viewing of property and we don’t charge astronomical brokerage fee our charges are friction of what you pay as normal brokerage.

For further details visit or Why Register and About Us of our site or mail us your queries at
Here's looking forward to fruitful interactions in the future,

Warm Regards Team arranges Flat share, Paying Guest Accommodation, Roommate, Short-term rentals, Bed and breakfast, Apartments

What does for Paying Guests/Tenants, FlatMate Seekers ?

Saturday, February 23, 2013 · 0 comments is a dedicated platform helping home buyers and tenants make informed decisions relating to the buying, selling and renting of properties in and around Mumbai. The website provides an avenue for buyers/sellers and owners/tenants to directly interact with each other, which helps in savings related to brokerage/commission as well as time. Further, buying, selling, renting and renting out of a property requires the services of several individuals and documentation. helps you successfully negotiate this maze - legal and completion of various formalities - by providing you access to experts. In addition to providing a platform for users to search for apartments and offices, the website also helps users find properties that are required for a short duration such as service apartments, B&B, paying guest accommodation and business centers. These are unique selling point of which no one offers. 
1) Negotiation: - At (REDS) you will not only be able to contact and deal directly with the opposite party but you will get consummate deal makers who will negotiate or iron out differences on your behalf.
2) Legal documentation: - arranges properties and direct contact with the owner and also helps you in legal formalities like drafting of an agreement and other legal procedures. 
3) Options: - will not only arrange options available of on-line properties but it has a huge data base of offline properties which it has developed over 20 years and more. You will be given access to this database also. 
4) Flexibility: - is the only site which arranges paying guests/flat mates/apartment sharing facilities. While on the one hand PG accommodation is cost effective, the flat sharing/flat mate gives you the flexibility of renting an apartment.
5) Objectivity: - sees to it that no extra interest/money is added on to inflate the rent as the higher rent doesn’t benefit us. This only happens when brokers are involved because when the rent is raised, they get a higher cut.
6) Saves Time: - helps you deal directly with the owner, making the co-ordination easier and smoother instead of having a chain of mediators who create confusion and misunderstanding. Time saved is money saved. As the saying goes: By giving time you can make money but by giving money you can’t make time
7) Verifying Credit Abililty: has a specialized team to do a background check on owners/flat-mates and possesses data of previous experiences of the PGs and flat mates. We also provide the rating of a location, of the property, and of the owner.
8) Stay Focused on your Business/Work: - We allow you to stay focused on your core activities and will keep track of your needs, be it tenancy or PG arrangements. Leave it to We will see to it that you are not pushed into staying at an expensive hotel or piling on at someone’s place. We will be by your side all along, helping you the entire way. 
9) Best CRM: - has a Customer Relationship Management system at your disposal through which all your past activities with us will be available to you at the click of a button. The system will inform you about the different properties you have visited, the day/time you made these visits plus your comments. With multiple brokers, you have to rely on your memory and often you visit the same property twice.
10) Arranging Like-Minded Groups: - Search System tries its best to put together like-minded people who may share the same institute/city. So a guy from ISB could get a flat-mate from ISB; if one is from the advertising field then a flat-mate from the same field is sought, i.e. advertising. And if a guy is from Jaipur he could find himself sharing a flat with another from Jaipur as well. 
11) References: - We try to provide you with references of other clients who have taken our services. They could be from the company you are working with or the institution or city you are from, so you can cross-check and be sure you are in safe and experienced hands. In fact, we have a list of people from top MNCs, banks, Ivy League business schools, Law colleges and so on who have appreciated our services. On request, we can provide you with the same.
12) Reviews by Users:-Most of our properties are rated by people like you. We will show you pictures of the properties of your interest, thereby saving you the trouble of visiting properties which don’t meet your criteria.
13) Brokers Don’t Add Any Value: - Brokers don’t work hard enough for you and are more interested in BIG deals. They are very pushy and at times they turn violent if you disagree with them.
14) New Properties: - removes the list of available properties after 90 days and the landlord/owner has to put up his available property list once again on the site as each contract is for 90 days only.
15) A Complete Range:- caters to all kinds of accommodation requirements be it is as a paying guest, bed ‘n’ breakfast, apartment renting, apartment sharing, short-term housing etc. We provide you with the flexibility of renting as per your desire.

And by registering, you can do away with the added burden of brokerage and interacting with multiple brokers, as well as trawling through several websites. A fee of Rs 2,000 ($50) will also provide you the comfort that all processes have been stringently adhered to, and support is available at all times. For any assistance, we are a call or mail away. For further details please click ‘Why Register’  or visit and other links or comment here. 


What does for owners / landlords?

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These are few benefits which offers and in detail you may find it here at Why Register 

1) Credit ability Score: - has a specialized team to check the background of tenants/flat-mates so you never run into any legal or financial hassles.2) Saving Time: - helps you find tenants quickly so you don’t waste your time in looking for a tenant through any other long-drawn process. We deal with serious clients/genuine buyers so you don’t waste time by showing your property to disinterested people, which most brokers do. Very often, people don’t have the budget you are looking for or have something very different in mind. This is a needless waste of your time. We help you to zero in on the right client. Time saved is money saved. As the saying goes:  By giving time you can make money but by giving money you can’t make time
3) Legal documentation:- not only arranges properties and direct contact with the customer but we can also help you with the legal formalities like drafting an agreement etc.
4) Charge for value addition :-We replace brokers who don’t work hard enough for you and are very pushy. They do not worry about the client’s needs; their main focus is to get big deals.
5) Valuation: - We have a professional team who would evaluate your expected rent in case of renting out your property and capital value in case of selling your property.
6) Credibility Check: - We have a specialized team to check out the background of tenants/flat-mates to avoid any legal/financial risks.

If you need any thing needs to be clarify than feal free to post it here or use site's contacts. We will get back to you. 

Bed and Break fast, Home stays offers local flavor by

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Homestays is the hottest trend in the hospitality sector that is embracing tourists like never before. Alexandria Cook visits one such home in Mumbai that has been roped in by (Idea of Harvard, IIT, IIM graduates) and comes back with family bonding.
Replace the “sherwani”clad, long mustached guard at the hotel entrance with a warm old couple or single lady waiting to embrace you into their homes.

What if you could interact with the locals, feel the culture and learn about the nuances of your favorite holiday spot? Perhaps that is why has ventured into the ‘Home Stay’ concept, where individuals with large homes let out their spare rooms for working expatriates, executives, couples, and females etc to stay in. Who is visiting city as intern or working for any organization form one month to a year.
Yet, I was slightly apprehensive about the “home” I was going to stay in. Being a lone female traveler, living in a stranger’s house does leave one wondering about issue of safety. Dismissing all doubts I was ready to go because of references provided by the of my business school graduates, who used its services earlier.
Mumbai Calling
After traversing through maddening streets and train stations figuring out why and how every station in two part East and West, for viewing of couple of property   I finally decided to stay at Anita’s place. She was young lady of age around 55 teaching Marketing and advertisement in various management institutes. After exchanging pleasantries I was soon shown my room with splendid view of ocean, which was really a stress buster.
So far so good, I thought, till I was told list of do’s and don’ts. Well, that is something about homestays. You don’t have the leisure of calling in for a waiter at 2am for a hot cuppa coffee. Still, it’s worth it because hotel room in Mumbai is small basically run out of the mill types and most of them in crowded areas.
‘Stay’ and beyond
Homestays is no new concept in Mumbai, everybody with a room to spare ready to let out to expats. However, those who wish to blend the comfort with budget then  has specialization in dealing with foreigners and working executives so that save you feet from wear and tear. Steering clear from just lodging facilities, these homes give personal attention to the guests, have breakfast included as part of tariff, activities are conducted to get one acquainted with the local culture, cabs or host might show you around and help you with getting the best shopping deals. The tariffs vary from 5000/- Indian Rupees to 35,000/- Indian rupees for a month depending on the room size, location, ambience and facilities. For foreign tourists, the cost as well as understanding local culture serves as the major pluses in Homestays. Nevertheless, tourists have an option of choosing when to interact with their hosts and how much to take advantage of their homestays. The best part about this concept is that your clothes washing and room cleaning is taken care by host only. My trip ended some lip smacking Mumbia food like Bhel puri, Pani Puri etc. The best part covered/handled all the nuances of Mumbai real estate.

Note: This Post was written by one of our client from Alexandria Cook from New York, America. 

Definitions or Difference of Apartment/Flat, Independent/ Sharing Paying Guest Accommodation (PG), Flat Share, Short term rental as per Mumbai Real Estate Terminology / Jargon

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In every country, sometimes the same word is interpreted differently and real estate sector is not spared either. In UK and India “Out House” means room behind the main building but in same compound generally used by servants of occupants of that building and the same word in US means wash-room behind building.
We here at are this time trying to define few key words used in real estate sector across the world and has bit of a different meaning in Mumbai’s real estate sector.

Apartment / Flat: - In Mumbai, the word apartment and flat are interchanged quite comfortably. It is better to ask area of the place in square feet or square meter and then decide as per your understanding whether that is an apartment or flat. By the way, lower rank employees like servants, watchmen and chauffeurs use the word “Room” to indicate an apartment or flat.  

Paying Guest Accommodation: - It is some sort of Bed & Breakfast in UK, but not flat share at all. There is no thumb rule in paying guest accommodation; every owner has his or her own set of rules. In general Paying Guest Accommodation is accommodation where owner has 2 or more than 2 rooms in his or her apartment and they rent out one of the rooms to Paying Guest. These rooms are always furnished with bed, wardrobe, chair and writing table, fan and private bathroom. Now-a-day’s you get lots of rooms with air conditioner and TV also depending on one’s requirement and budget, but those days of Paying Guest where one use to get meals also are over.
There are two types of Paying Guest Accommodation in Mumbai that is where most people get confused. One is Independent Paying Guest Accommodation and another is Sharing Paying Guest Accommodation. In independent paying guest accommodation one individual gets one room to use with private washroom and in sharing accommodation one has to share the room with one or more than one person.

Pro and Cons of Paying Guest Accommodation:-

Paying Guest Accommodation has its own benefits but that comes with few constrains also.

Pros: -
Easy to Start:-It is like what a business center is for commercial purpose- you can start from day one. One gets 1 room with private washroom and is fully furnished with Bed, Wardrobe, Chair & Writing table, Fan, Air Conditioner, TV and Fridge facility. All charges like electricity, water, room cleaning is included in the rent. Few owners provide breakfast also. For clothes washing owner’s servant washes clothes and charges are ad hock in the range of Rs. 500 (12$) to Rs.1000 (25$) for a month.

No furnishing Expenses: - All the PG Accommodations are fully furnished, so one doesn’t have to bother to furnish it. You have to move in with your clothes, so this works well for immediate move-in or people who are on short assignment etc.     
Cost: - It is far less expensive than renting out apartment in same locality
Up keep: - In PG you don't have to bother about the up keep of the house, which is taken care by owners, so you don't have to handle servants timing etc.
Deposit: In PG initial deposit amount is very low, just equal to one month’s rent, which is not the case when you rent an apartment. 
Lock in period: - In PG lock in period is very short, you can move out by giving short notice of around 30 days.
Good way to know the city: - In Paying Guest Accommodation you live in some one’s house so you understand the city and its culture well. 

No Visitors: - In PG accommodations visitors are not allowed, so if you like or expect people or relative visit you then PG is not for you.
No HR Benefit: - In PG accommodation you don't get rent receipt and in most of the cases, you have to pay rent in cash so you might get hit on tax.
Limited use of Space: - In PG accommodations, owners don’t give you access to common space like living room, dining room, kitchen etc, so you are confined to your room.
Food: - In most PG accommodations in Mumbai one doesn’t get the meal or access to kitchen. Few owners provide breakfast but meals you have to manage yourself. If you need or want home cooked food than it is not for you, but Mumbai has very good tiffin service delivered by world famous Dabbawalas of Mumbai and free home delivery services by restaurants and grocery stores in the locality.   

Conclusion: - Like we said, there is no thumb rule in PG accommodations even cons mentioned above can be eliminated by bit flexible owners. If one is intern in law firm, summer trainee from MBA institute or Article at Chartered Accountancy Firm or in Mumbai for short term project then Paying Guest is best especially in South of Mumbai, where one doesn’t get flat share options. Some time people bother about the owners interference in their life but in Mumbai most of owner will tell you all dos or not to do things before hand. If you are comfortable with terms then there won’t be any unpleasant surprises later, but still there are certain things to be clarified before moving in and that is where expertise of comes handy while closing the deal.

Flat Share: - As the name suggests, flat share is sharing of flat between two or more than 2 people in every one gets access to common area and facilities like kitchen, dining room, living room, TV, washing machine etc. Flat share is more prominent in western suburbs of Mumbai in locations like Andheri, Malad, Kandivali, Santacruz, Juhu, Vile Parle or locations like New Bombay or Powai, Vakaroli etc. These are pros and cons of flat share.

Pros: - 
Lock in period: - Its gives flexibility in terms of duration of stay unless all parties move in together with understanding of fixed move in and move out time.
No Interference: - Flat share gives you options to have visitors, relatives or party etc. You can work from home if you don’t have to go to work every day or you are a freelancer etc, which is difficult in Paying Guest accommodation.   
Food: - In flat share you have all options of a cook at home or get cook to serve you homemade food.
Living with like-minded people: - In flat share one not only chooses a place to stay but also persons to live with. He/ She can choose like-minded people to live with for a cordial atmosphere.
Cost: - In flat share you share the expenses which has light burden on your pocket and it gives you benefits of economy of scale.
Option of More Options:-You get options to choose bigger place without paying full rent so your choice gets wider.

Cons: -
Rent: - In flat share rent is higher than paying guest accommodation.
Cost: - Flat share can be deadly if one’s flat mate leaves before expiring of agreement because in that case other occupant or occupants of flat has to bear additional burden of rent. It is biggest disadvantage to flat shares. In case one leaves before, that is where expertise of specialist comes in. We at have good experience in bailing out those tenants. not only has the quality to get replacement on time, but matching the reliever / successor's profile with current occupants also. If you don’t get replacement on time then it hits you severely and all your financial planning can go haywire.
Furnishing expenses: - In flat share one has to spend little or lots of money to furnish any place and some time that sort of expenditure is not worth especially when one is in the city for a short term or not sure of duration of stay.
Deposit: - In flat share deposit is higher than paying guest accommodation. For some one who is a student or just starting his carrier it can be difficult.
Issue of Habits or Life Style: - In flat share if people have very different habits or life style than it can become a big issue. Combination of Investment banker and Media man or Student and mature person has a probability of not working; same goes with eating habits or different hygiene standards.
Location Issue: - Flat share is bit difficult in South Mumbai; it is more prominent in locations like Andheri, Bandra, Santacruz, Vile Parle, Khar, Vikroli, New Bombay and Powai. If one is looking for flat share in South Mumbai he or she might have to settle for either paying guest or rent an apartment.

Conclusion: - Flat share is more suitable for people, who want to entertain people at their place and like to have homemade food. For freelancers it is very suitable because you can work from home that is not possible in Paying Guest Accommodation. People who have erratic working and life style flat share is suitable to them. In professions like Media, Advertising, Films, BPO etc it is more prominent.  

Short Term Rental: - Our this post covers short term rental market in Mumbai

Role of RealEstateDealStreet:-
If one takes above mentioned points into consideration he/she will be able to make better decision but still there are certain things that need to be clarified before move-in and that is where expertise of comes handy while closing the deal. not only lets one save brokerage, but most importantly time also. As someone said that by giving time you may make money but by giving money you cannot buy time. We are here for time conscious people.