Why HR / Admin Mangers don't refer RealEstateDealStreet.com to you?

Thursday, January 10, 2019 ·

We at RealEstateDealStreet.com works only on word of mouth. We rely on our owners and tenants for new properties and new tenants. Instead of spending money on advertisements we spend on rewards to those referrers. After working so many years and approaching to lots of HR and Ad-min managers of law firms, MNC's Banks for the services we provide we got very cold treatment from lots of managers even when we provided them testimonials from their own organization. It was a bit surprising. We started to investigate that Why the don't refer us? and for our utter surprise findings was that only politicians or government servants are not corrupt but lots of these managers are "wolfs in sheep's clothing".
Why they don't refer RealEstateDealStreet.com?
Actually, most of these managers have a relative, friend who is a broker. They refer his or her name when you ask for housing in Mumbai and that broker does nothing except to call up the agents of those locations where you are looking for a house. By this coordination and sweet talk while showing the places he sets you back by at least one month rent. You being new in the city and under influence of your manager because you can't afford to be in bad books of your HR head agree too. but that is the tip of the iceberg. It is understandable that everyone wants to promote/sell his friend, relative even if he or she might be incompetent. The real story is that lots of these managers have nexus with the brokers and get hefty cut from the commission the broker charges you, from the broker they refer to you. The commission starts from 15% and goes up to 50% in some cases. One thing you have to notice that why brokers who charge such a hefty commission are not doing well because of these big part of their earnings are eaten up by these white collar barbarians. The poor broker does everything from coordination, waiting for you in the scorching heat because you never reach on time and have a handy excuse of traffic. He becomes a punching bag of both the clients because one side is newly graduate thinks that he or she has to concur the corporate world and another side the owner who thinks that he is a lord. It seems that Landlord term came from the owners' attitude.
Now you may say What is the solution?
Why one should trust RealEstateDealSteet.com?
How a law intern can get a room or paying guest accommodation for a month without paying the brokerage equal to one month rent or not piling up at a relative's place which is far-flung areas of Mumbai when his workplace is in South Mumbai.
How an executive can get a flat without involving a broker?
The answer is here which is very objective, logical and can be cross-checked.
RealEstateDealStreet.com is the only Mumbai based site which arranges a place without involving broker. It is the only site which tries and most of the time it is successful too which provides the testimonials which can be verified. (Our strick rate is around 95%) Because we provide testimonials of people who are from your batch or college, city or organization you can always cross-check the authenticity of those testimonials. You can contact us for any clarify any doubt without fear of hounding. We are the only site which doesn't Spam you, chase you or hound you in this noisy world in the name of marketing. We just inform and leave rest to you. We assume that we are not wiser then client and he or she knows what works best for him or her.
So if your HR guys offer of contacts of brokers and don't refer us then don't worry because we work on a very thin margin and can't pay hefty cuts it is not feasible to us and according to us unethical too. but same time we can provide the name of people whom you know who can vouch for the services of RealEstateDealStreet.com
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