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Thursday, May 3, 2018 ·

We at come across the question from our prospective clients that if they don’t find an accommodation or don’t like accommodation arranged by then whether they are entitled to get the refund of Rs. 2000/-?
There are there are lots of things due to deal doesn’t happen and most of these beyond the control of except one that doesn’t offer the good number of options as per benchmark set by it.
If we are not able to offer the good number of options as per benchmarks set by us then you will get the Refund Rs. 2000/- without deducting any single pie. But we won’t be able to provide you a refund because of none of our failure. These are few examples where we were not at fault but opposite party.
1)      Someone relative of IAS officer approached us for Paying Guest Accommodation near Mumbai High Court because he was supposed to intern at High Court. He viewed five options through us and told us that he liked two of them and he would finalize next day. The next day when we got in touch with him when he said that magistrate of High Court offered IAS’s officer’s son his own house to stay. Now if we had not taken our fee beforehand then he wouldn’t be had paid us even though we worked for it and not only met benchmarks set by us but even his expectations.
2)      One guy from *NLU approached us for accommodation for him and one of his friends for an internship. At fixed day and time we arranged viewing accommodations. They visited one accommodation and before they head next he said that they don’t want to visit next place. It was bit surprising for us and while little grilling him we came to know that his friend was the son of directorate general of police of one state and he was trying guest house and they got the news that guest house is fixed.
In both these cases we were not at fault and if we had not charged them beforehand we would haven’t got our due except thank you and promise of business in future. Everybody tries through all to sources whether legal or illegal. The students and their parents spend days, weeks or months cumulatively in finding of an accommodation most of the time they don’t get either as per their budget or as per liking or near to their workplace if not all three. RealEstateDealStreet is the only site which provides a tailor-made solution which fits you. Our relationship executive will be in touch with you, so you don’t have to handle lots of people. We do all the spade work and our experience saves your feet from wear and tear and most important time. It is bit surprising and amusing that some of the law interns question about our success. We provide references from the students of their colleagues who got benefited from our services. If we ask them that tell our law firms to at least hear our cases forget about fighting or winning without charging us beforehand. Firms would say that don't show our face  Why you are expecting us not to charge you in advance especially when our success rate is so high.    
Students and more their parents often ask for trust. “We are honest and you should trust us” is what these types of messages state. Actually, the only thing this means is that “We don’t trust even if it has lots of wins in its feather but should trust us.” So this is actually adding insult to injury. We are a publicly visible site with the standard systems. There is no reason not to trust us. On the other hand, we don’t have the ability or energy to track the clients once we provide them contacts of owners. We have thought the level of risk we are prepared to take and have incorporated that into our standard system of dealing.
Prospective clients often act tough. “This is how we work with agents/brokers” is the style of some of the clients. is not agents or brokers. We don’t see ourselves as agents or brokers, we don’t act as agents or brokers act. is only neutral marketplace like stock exchanges. So frankly we don’t care how great you are. On the other hand, if you want to view lots of accommodations in short span of time without dealing with lots of people is the only choice.
So basically our point is instead of trying to get us to change and take a decision, it is far better for you to evaluate take your decisions accordingly. Basically, you are paying not only for the huge database of accommodations but with testimonials from previous guests, coordination between you and owner, tailor-made solution and for removing your anxiety. And the amount involved is so trivial anyway. We work on the presumption that buyers are mature and take their own decisions about what works best for them. We don’t presume to be smarter than them and hence we don’t chase them to change their minds.
We give our full support to all our clients of our site and we look forward to your being one of our esteemed customers.
Do feel free to email, call or WhatsApp. +91 80827 30859 (First verified Business Account by WhatsApp. Inc. US.).


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