Rooms / Paying Guest Accommodation and Flat Shares on rent in South Mumbai for Law Interns

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 ·

We get lots of inquiries from law students of law colleges from all over and Harvard Law College from America. Finding a reasonably priced suitable accommodation in Mumbai itself is difficult but being most of the law firms and the high court (Fort / Fountain) being in extreme South Mumbai it makes it much harder. is the only real estate website which is located at Nariman Point has unique advantages/ moat. We being at the epic center of the problem has developed a very good database of accommodations in locations like Cuffe Parade / Colaba / Nariman Point / Churchgate / Marine Drive/Chowpatty/ Walkeshwar/ Malabar Hill/ Peddar Road/ Breach Candy/Worli /Prabhadevi etc.

 There are few points which students/ interns should understand so that their accommodation hunting becomes smooth affair.

1) Rent: - It is the most important factor especially when you are not getting any stipend or very little. We are the only identity which is not inclined to put you at higher rental accommodation because of our flat fee model. All other people whether your seniors who are living in Mumbai, brokers or owners whom you got in touch through others sources all of them will charge you higher rent because higher the rent higher their income and they know your peculiar situation. In legal term, you can say there is “Conflict of Interest”. Higher rent doesn’t incentivize us, whether rent is 10K or 25K we believe that efforts are same so the fee should be same. We have a huge database of elderly people who rent out their rooms’ through us. These elderly landladies put their extra space at a reasonable rent and don’t work as business setup, even though money is dear to everybody. Broadly there are three type of accommodations a) Independent Room (means you get an independent room with private washroom to yourself) b) Twin Sharing (means you have to share a room with one other person) c) Multiple Sharing (means you have to share a room with more than one) These are approximate rents for all these options in South Mumbai Independent Room 25K, Twin Sharing Room 15K, and multiple sharing10K These rents include Electricity, water, room cleaning generally that is not in case of you share the flat with your seniors. They charge for electricity, maid even for newspaper, TV Cable, WIFI too even though they don’t spend extra money due to additional users. By the way, they ask very high deposit which becomes a big issue while you are leaving the accommodation. These quoted rents can go UP and DOWN too because all accommodations are different and depend on locations, size of the room, facilities, amenities, furnishing. (All rooms will have basic furnishings like fridge, bed, wardrobe, writing table, chair, and fan etc.)

We have lots of Accommodations which provides Breakfast, Dinner, AC/ TV and WIFI facilities too. 

2) Commuting: - We will arrange an accommodation where you don’t have to take a local train. You will have there options use taxi or bus and there are interns who walk to their workplaces. Average commuting of our clients is 2.25KM.

3) Curfew: - In almost all of our accommodations there is no time restriction. You get main entrance key so you can come and go as you please.

4) Reference: - is the only website which provides you the reference of people from your institute, firm or city you belong to, who benefited from our services so you can be sure that you are dealing with an expert.

5) Refund: - Some time interns ask that if they don’t get accommodation through then whether we will refund the subscription fee. YES, We refund the entire amount of Rs. 2000/-(without deducting any fee like processing fee, money transfer fee etc.) but that is the sole discretion of We will refund only in case of we couldn’t meet our benchmarks. To have refund window open you have to very open in your communication.

6) Tailor-made Solution: - There is one saying " One size doesn't fit all". However good you friend describe an accommodation but that might not be good for you due to different work locations, different living standards, different hygiene standards, and budget etc. provides you tailor-made solutions taking in everything in consideration like budget, proximity to workplace, living standard etc. Average experience of people working at is 15 years.

7) Time: - We have experience that students and more importantly their parents too put lots of time and efforts in house hunting. They start around two to three months before and even then in dying hour they approach because the place which they found so much of efforts and time didn’t work out due to location, filthy washroom, another person has moved in before them etc. If you go through then you are like having a specialist your side who won lots of complex cases that too such meager fee. Time is more important then money because we can’t produce more of that, if you go through then you not only save money, feet from wear & tear most important time.

8) Verification: - We provide verification of accommodation free, means you know one accommodation and you want credit-ability check that we provide through our testimonial system free of cost.

9) Incentives: - If you know any accommodations refer to us and get good incentives if that accommodation is not in our database but these incentives are only for Paying Guest Accommodations.

10) How we work: - Once you provide us your requirement and become an active member then we line up places which meet your requirement or near to your requirement. We will provide you a list of options then you can come to Mumbai or send any of your local friend or relative who will view the places on your behalf. If these both things are not possible when you come one day before and view the places and finalize which is the best deal for you. The entire process takes average two to three hours. You move to same start your internship next day. If you become an active member in advance then it is a very smooth process but if you do at the eleventh hour then it is bit haphazard. You don’t have to deal multiple people, owners, brokers etc. only one person will take care of the whole process.


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