Room,Flat, Flat-Shares options for summer trainees from IIM's in Mumbai

Friday, March 22, 2013 ·

·         Summer trainees / interns coming to Mumbai generally face problems on quality of accommodations. Hostels are either full and/ or full of bed bugs, rooms are dingy, toilets and bathrooms are filthy for that you have to stand in queue and dormitory where people live in double digit if not in triple.
·          All these things make big impact on your professional life, productivity at work especially in these challenging times.   
·         If it is quality of residential accommodation options you are looking out and time is valuable to you then, is indeed an appropriate choice.
·         Our accommodation option considers
o   Rent :- in accordance with the budget
o   Location :- Close to ones work place
o   Safety (especially in case of females)
o   Facilities (which includes ACs, TVs, Fridges, breakfast, Dinner, Wi Fi Internet etc and of course independent living.
·         There are considerable numbers of your Alumni who have sourced short term rental accommodation through us while interning or working in Mumbai. In fact, we have list of people from all the industry, business schools, cities who have found our services much to their satisfaction. On request, we can provide you with the same.
·         We do all the spade work like finding suitable accommodation / place close to work place, negotiation or iron outing of differences between landlord or current flat-mate except viewing of property and we don’t charge astronomical brokerage fee our charges are friction of what you pay as normal brokerage.

For further details visit or Why Register and About Us of our site or mail us your queries at
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