What RealEstateDealStreet.com does for owners / landlords?

Friday, February 22, 2013 ·

These are few benefits which RealEstateDealStreet.com offers and in detail you may find it here at Why Register 

1) Credit ability Score: - RealEstateDealStreet.com has a specialized team to check the background of tenants/flat-mates so you never run into any legal or financial hassles.2) Saving Time: - RealEstateDealStreet.com helps you find tenants quickly so you don’t waste your time in looking for a tenant through any other long-drawn process. We deal with serious clients/genuine buyers so you don’t waste time by showing your property to disinterested people, which most brokers do. Very often, people don’t have the budget you are looking for or have something very different in mind. This is a needless waste of your time. We help you to zero in on the right client. Time saved is money saved. As the saying goes:  By giving time you can make money but by giving money you can’t make time
3) Legal documentation:- RealEstateDealStreet.com not only arranges properties and direct contact with the customer but we can also help you with the legal formalities like drafting an agreement etc.
4) Charge for value addition :-We replace brokers who don’t work hard enough for you and are very pushy. They do not worry about the client’s needs; their main focus is to get big deals.
5) Valuation: - We have a professional team who would RealEstateDealstreet.com evaluate your expected rent in case of renting out your property and capital value in case of selling your property.
6) Credibility Check: - We have a specialized team to check out the background of tenants/flat-mates to avoid any legal/financial risks.

If you need any thing needs to be clarify than feal free to post it here or use site's contacts. We will get back to you. 


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