How To Save Out on Hotel Stay Expenses in Mumbai:-

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We at get lots of inquires from out-station prospective clients who want to stay in Mumbai for medical reasons or are have to be in Mumbai for some project , business, school-student for internship / summer training, so on and so forth.

Out of these, some just want a decent independent room near their work place, while few others want a fully furnished apartment near the hospital. A couple of weeks or month’s stay in a hotel is like a burnt hole in their pockets and obviously not a good choice to make. Service apartments have convenience but in Mumbai even those are very expensive.

But at, we have a solution to both of these problems.

Whether it is an independent room or a sharing room for single male / female, or whether a flat share or a fully equipped flat / apartment to himself/ herself, we can pander to your requirements in Mumbai.
We divide this problem in two parts- first being, how we handle issues of rooms or flat sharing in Mumbai. has an extensive data base of senior citizens having an extra room to spare, generally for the use of single males / females who want independent or sharing rooms according to their budget. Typically, these rooms would have a private bath room, bed, wardrobe, writing table, chair, fan and laundry facility etc, and if you want an air conditioner, TV, breakfast and other such facilities. it can be arranged at extra cost.

Now, couples or families, here for medical reasons and needing an apartment or flat near the hospital or medical center, or expatriates who are visiting the city for a short term project, have a bit different requirement. These people need an independent place where they can cook at home due to the dietary restrictions of the patient can entertain relatives, guests or visitors and same time do not wish to go through the hassles of buying  utensils, white goods , gas stove etc. in a city which is new to them.
We at, have several listings of studio or 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHKflats and apartments which our clients want to rent out but have not yet finalized. We offer these apartments to prospective clients and rent them out for a short stay which otherwise would be next to impossible to get. Also, our flat owners do not mind because for them, at least their meter starts ticking before they close a long term deal.
Through the normal broker route, first, you will be flatly refused, because brokers know that their brokerage (which is minimum 1 month rent and some time 2 months rent) would be a big deterrent to finalize anything.

Besides, our data base (which we have not displayed online) includes addresses of hostels, sanatoriums and cheap guest houses which could be also very helpful.

However, we would like to put one caveat here, our services are not an alternative to hotels for those looking for couple of days stay or people who want to book an apartment, flat or accommodation for marriage purposes. So at, you get accommodation with around 50 to 70% discounts and a fully furnished apartment where you have to just move in with your clothes. Just visit, the one-stop system working for your accommodation needs!

Your time is more important than money because with time you can make money but with money you cannot buy time!

Solutions of High Rental in Mumbai

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As we mentioned in our previous post that will come up with some solutions to make rent affordable to prospective tenants and reduce the cost for prospective owners. Few points are mentioned below.

High Taxes on Vacant Properties: - Indian government should put high taxes on properties which are vacant. This will put pressure on owners and they will be forced to rent out their property to avoid tax. This will have a huge impact on high rentals, the market will be flooded with properties and prospective tenants will have more option and better negotiating power.

Standard Rules by all Housing Societies:- In Mumbai almost all societies have their own set of rules which is laid by the whims and fancies or selfish interest of the office bearers. There should be some standard rules by authorities on that societies should function.

Option of Switchover: - In today’s evolving environment, market dynamics change very fast and hence authorities should also act as fast. If in any market, the tide is turning from residential to commercial or vice versa, then authorities should also steer accordingly. The best example of this is locations like Cuffe Parade and Nariman Point- both these locations have very high capital value for residential but not exactly with commercial properties. Commercial properties are lying vacant since few years because there is a lack of demand as against residential properties that have a huge demand.
To validate this, is an example of the recent deals in NCPA at Nariman Point and Jolly Makers Apartments at Cuffe Parade. Both properties claimed for around 1 Lac rupees per sq. feet but in the same localities, the best of commercial buildings don’t get even half of that. Now it is high time, one decides to convert commercial buildings into residential, so as to bring some rational in these type of real estate markets.

High Transaction Cost: -  Renting out property in Mumbai involves high transaction cost. The main reason is high brokerage charges. This pain point now is being addressed to by