Survey about the real estate brokers and findings

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 ·

We did one survey on real estate brokers. Question we ask all the participants was very simple. Mentioned  bad qualities of real estate broker not only in Mumbai or India but any where on the earth? Few responses we got from people are given below.

1)  Ramesh Kumar : You asked a good question. I liked it as you did not ask 'what do you most like or dislike...? Then there could have been no points for liking :-)

2) Katrina :  Unethical - they increase the rates, so that they get more margin.
3) Stifanno : Aggressive :- They become violent if you don't agree to their way of thinking

4) Rachel Banks : Greedy :- They try to make some money from things like documentations expenses. etc. 

5) Ranjeet          : They come form nowhere in the picture even if you find a buyer or seller yourself, some of       these agents will force themselves into the deal and would ask for a share. 
When we came to know about a property, the seller's agent approached us and established the contact. Then he sent a person to co-ordinate with us. We thought that chap is to help the seller.

We were shocked later when this chap demanded a margin when the deal was finalised. The person recommended claims, he is from the seller's side and the person who 'helped' us is from our ( buyer) side.

They made a big issue and we were forced to pay !! After this I promised myself not to buy any property !!!

6) Yurgan          : They pretend to be friendly and helpful, but you end up doing more work and spend more

7) Alexender      : They pressurise too much

8) Matthew        : Unprofessional

9 Alice D Sturler : That they don't prepare prospective buyers before going in an active home: to keep kids with them, not allow them to roam free, that it is not ok to open desk drawers, and that kids should not be allowed to play in another child's room. 

10)Dr. Savla        : Not punctual, disclosure,shabby ,not concerned about client taste and interest etc. .............

When we don't like them then why we need them?  Actually fault lies with us. We at with you will try to find out in our next posts and wait for your comments also.


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